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Unconventional Opportunities – Meaningful Work – Culture Of Integrity

Working at Origin

At Origin, we look for team members who are smart, driven, dedicated, and innovative. Our team represents a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and interests, and our people enable Origin to serve our clients with integrity.

We recognize that technology professionals have a myriad of options for employment. Here at Origin, we’re looking for professionals who share our vision and desire to help revolutionize municipal and utility operations and directly impact the communities where we all live. Origin offers a flexible structure for professional services, technical operations, software development and multi-faceted business development.


It’s important to have meaningful work


Essential Services – We are working with the services that underpin modern society – which impact millions of lives on a daily basis.


Fundamental to the Future – All public services will be tested and stressed as populations grow and the climate changes.


Helping People – We prioritize improving municipal services, charity outreach, and the opportunity to impact our community.


Integrity – This is a company and a mission that you can be proud of. We have a rock-solid reputation, and that matters to us, and to you.

What Our Origin Employees Are Saying

We value and empower our team members and take pride in their growth and achievement within the company — but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our team members have to say about their employment experience.

Working in a Transforming Industry is Exciting

We are working in a greenfield for Customer Care, Billing, Analytics, Machine Learning and eventually AI. Origin is committed to driving innovation and has proven it by delivering successful products to the market for over 13 years.​


  • The market is changing for Utilities—in terms of Technology landscape, Social changes, and Financial models and incentives.
  • We have multiple proof-points with customers, trying new methods and technologies to meet the challenges of this changing market.
  • We are growing aggressively and will be pressing forward into the market, to break out of the current operating environment.
  • You are joining us at the start of our new journey—your timing is perfect!

A Chance to Grow, a Chance
to Prosper, a Chance to Contribute

Origin is a Full Spectrum, Multi-Axis Growth Opportunity… you can have multiple careers within Origin. We will provide career tracks that fit your ambition and personality – operations, technical, management, and senior individual contributor tracks are available to ensure that you grow in line with your best attributes.​

Origin is a place that can be what you want it to be if you know how to operate in an environment that is constantly innovating.

Start and grow your career by applying for Origin Academy

The North American Origin team had a chance to get together in Las Vegas for Origin Palooza. Check out the pictures for Origin Palooza 2022 here!

Short-term Compensation

We have competitive compensation levels and well-aligned variable compensation plans for various positions. We focus a significant portion of compensation on success-based models. We all win together.

Long-term Compensation

Everyone who contributes to building this company will share in its success. We have equity sharing plans based upon employment type and position.

Generous and Competitive Benefits

Our benefits are generous and provide support for Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, and retirement. Our PTO policy is commensurate with the level of professionalism we have in the company—guided by our personal needs and our responsibilities to our customers and colleagues.